Trial Preparation, Support and Presentation

Trial Concepts can help you create highly effective visual evidence presentations to meet your case requirements. Given the television and video game generations found on today’s juries, using stimulating visual evidence is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. From computerized videotaped testimony with scrolling text, to scanned documents and photos and images that can be magnified and annotated, we can help you
add visual interest to even the driest of evidence.

At Trial Concepts, we offer many years of actual trial, mediation, arbitration and hearing experience, in a wide variety of litigation areas, and in matters of all sizes. From major-scale jury trials lasting several months, mock trials, focus groups, and arbitrations to one-day hearings in courtrooms and offices across the nation, plaintiff
or defense, we have the experience and the technology to support your litigation requirements. Our litigation consultants spend more time in court each year than many attorneys do their entire career.

We utilize Trial Director and PowerPoint which allows you to display and annotate images of documents, charts, diagrams and other exhibits onto a large display screen and/or multiple monitors. Our trial presentation technology is a fantastic way of organizing and effectively controlling the flow of your case. ELMO visual presenters and laptop computers enhance the impact or your arguments by focusing the attention of the judge and jury on the relevant aspects of any exhibit.

As a member of the American Society of Trial Consultants, we are also available to offer objective feedback during the course of the trial and act as an additional paralegal to assist with your needs during trial. On many occasions, this extra set of eyes has had a great influence on the outcome of a trial.



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