Case Management

Discovery documents, electronic documents, client’s documents, depositions, transcripts, evidence,
drawings, photographs and other documents are all critical to your case. However, if they are poorly organized, legal document preparation and organization can dominate your legal team’s time and energy. Your time and resources are limited, so smart, efficient and economical document management is a necessary prerequisite of courtroom success.

Litigation Support Software
The majority of documents produced in litigation are now stored in an electronic format. Trial Concepts’ litigation consultants are certified and trained in most standard support litigation software including
Summation, Concordance/Opticon, CaseMap, TimeMap, Trial Director, Sanction, Access, PowerPoint and more. We can deliver your data to meet your customized needs by presenting documents in TIFF And PDF formats with customized Bates labeling. We can also present the digital versions of your documents on CD, DVD, or external hard drive with your preferred document loadfile. Trial Concepts is also a reseller of Summation, Concordance, CaseMap and TimeMap.

Litigation Databases
Trial Concepts offers expert level experience in database management to tailor your database to your case requirements. Because our litigation consultants are certified and have practical experience in most litigation software applications, we can assist your team in the development, training, and maintenance of your litigation databases, and provide continued support of your databases throughout the duration of your case. Our
decades of trial support experience as complex litigation paralegals and litigation consultants allows us to meet your demanding project requirements through a collaborative approach resulting in a successful
outcome for you and your clients.

Paralegal Services
Our litigation consultants are also highly skilled and extensively trained paralegals with over 30 years of combined complex paralegal experience. Our paralegals are available to take on short-term or long-term projects from assisting with your coding project, managing your databases, assisting your team with overflow projects, on-site document review, file review or trial assistance.




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